She Just Had To ‘help’

October 29th, 2011 | Posted in Making money, nutjob hills | Comments Off on She Just Had To ‘help’

The would be Mrs Helpful (yeah, she’s still around) came by this morning. Apparently this time it was because she’d heard about my financial difficulties and came over specifcally to “help” by offering her version of sage advice.

She told me that she had heard me talking with somebody at the Nutjob Hills Diner about certain nutritional issues that impact diabetics. Her big idea was that perhaps I should set the writing aside and focus more on applying for Dietician or Nutritionist Jobs. Apparently she decided that because I (by necessity since I am diabetic) know a few things about diabetes and nutrition that I ought to seek out employment in that field.

It took me a half hour of time I needed to be spending writing to convince her that while I appreciate the thought and implied compliment, I’m nowhere close to being qualified for such a job. What little I know about the subject is directly related to taking care of my own health needs and very little more than that.

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