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November 8th, 2011 | Posted in Adsense, Advertising, Blogging, Current Events, Making money, Misc, Monetizing Blogs, Money Issues, Youtube | Comments Off on Adsense Project Update

It’s been quite a while, too long in fact, since the last time I gave any kind of an update on my efforts to earn useful amounts of money from Adsense.

I had been making some reasonably decent progress and was reaching payout threshold every three months. It certainly wasn’t a lot of money by any stretch but it was at least a little bit useful

Then for an assortment of reasons that really don’t have anything to do with this article and aren’t really anyone’s business but mine, I ended up not writing in my blogs nearly as much as I had been. The result of this was that the growth I had been seeing pretty much ground to a halt. Oh I didn’t lose any ground but I wasn’t moving forward either.

Fast forward a bit and In December of 2010 I became a youtube partner. This almost doubled my adsense income. It wasn’t *quite* overnight but it happened quickly. It started growing again due in part to the fact that for a long time I’ve been making a video every single day and most of these are monetized with adsense.

In October two of my other channels got invited to join the revenue sharing program which allowed me to monetize more videos. Shortly after that one of those channels also became a youtube partner. The end result is that now in addition to several blogs & webistes, I am able to earn money from posting videos on three youtube channels.

As you can guess this means that I’m pretty busy coming up with and producing all of this content and I allowed that to be an excuse for even more of a slowdown in blog writing.

Fast forward to today and I find myself in quite a financial nightmare. (If you really want details on that then I suggest taking a look at the posts on another of my blogs in a category I call Raw TFC, I’m not going to discuss that stuff here.)

That’s when I finally decided that I was going to get back to posting on my blogs a lot more frequently. The reason is that while adsense is pretty much a “set it and forget it” kind of thing, it still depends on visitors to your site if any of them are going to have the potential to click on the ads. Obviously a blog that doesn’t get new posts on it on some kind of regular basis isn’t going to be pulling in the visitors. This by itself will reduce your adsense income.

One last bit of update. I am now VERY close to the point where I should start reaching payment threshold every month. Adsense income has been steadily increasing as I learn more about how to best use the monetization options on Youtube and as I make more videos.

Stepping up my blog posting will help even more and so that’s what I have already started doing.

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