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The “Landing Page” is probably one of the most important that you have. This is the page where your potential customers will get their first full look at your product. You may talk about it elsewhere, in emails, blog posts, forum posts, Etc, but this is the page where you’ll have the most important stuff to say. This is the page that has the task of converting those visitors into paying customers.

There’s a lot of features to the landing page that all contribute to it’s effectiveness. I’m not going to discuss the entire page in one post because there’s so many factors involve that I think it’s better to cover them in a series of posts.

Regardless of what you’re selling, whether it’s Mac memory, website design services, your favorite affiliate program or even shoelaces. All landing pages have certain similarities beginning with the headline.

The Headline is the one or possibly two lines of text that serves the purpose of introducing your product and is the first chance you have to grab the reader’s attention.

You want this headline to stand out from the rest of the text, so you’ll have it in a larger type and by using the <H1> html tag, you not only get an automatic increase in type size, that tag also tells the search engine that this block of text is of particular importance.

By using CSS code, you can change the color of that text to improve it’s “eye catching” ability. As for what color text to use, a lot of people swear by red headlines because of how they stand out however there’s an increasing number that find blue headlines to be more effective. I think you could do well with almost any color combination so long as the color of the headline is easy to read and contrasts against the background color without having that “it hurts to look at” effect.

If you’re not sure, it would be a good idea to make several landing pages with different headline colors and keep track of which ones perform best.

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