He Put What In The Chili?

November 19th, 2011 | Posted in Making money, Marketing, nutjob hills | Comments Off on He Put What In The Chili?

Ralph C., whom I recently talked about something of a misadventure that he had with an excessive amount of chili on a trip he took to Texas not long ago, has just told me about something kinda strange his buddy Ed N. is up to.

You see, Ed liked the chili as much as Ralph did (though he had sense and self control enough not to eat so much he gained 35 pounds doing it). However what he did do is come up with several chili recipes that he is planning to use to make money.

He’s planning to sell chili, which I suppose is ordinary enough but what gives it that special Nutjob Hills touch is that he’s going to do it by mail order.

If that wasn’t odd enough he also is planning to do some intensive market research, tracking his customers in an effort to learn things about them that will help him sell more chili. Each bowl of chili will include an almost microscopic rfid chip. I don’t know about you but I think maybe that he’s going just a tad overboard even for a Nutjob Hills native.

Besides, as several people have tried to tell him, those chips won’t yield any information if they don’t come within range of some kind of reader device and his customers would be all over the country.

Then there’s the fact that I doubt many would appreciate that extra ingredient in their chili.

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