I’m not a “Guru” or anybody that’s even remotely like the kind of folks that are usually talking about Internet marketing, Adsense, Adwords, PayPerClick and any of the dozens of other ways to make money online.

Instead, I’m probably a lot more like the “Average Joe or Jane” out there trying to find a way to make a buck online without having to mortgage an arm, leg and my soul to do it. I don’t pretend to know it all because frankly there’s a LOT out there that I don’t know and I’m finding out more all the time that I don’t know.

If I should recommend a product or service then it’s either because I’ve actually tried it (if I have, I’ll say so) or because based on what I’ve been able to learn about said product or service it looks like it’d be a good idea. However since nobody’s perfect, I’ve no doubt that I’ll be wrong on occasion and I’m willing to admit it when it happens. There’s also the fact that sometimes things change and all of a sudden something isn’t as worthwhile as it was. When something like that comes to my attention I’ll say so about that as well.

I’m not very likely to offer a lot of “Proofs” in the form of screenshots or the like because I’ve spent enough time with video and graphic editing software to know just how incredibly easy it is to cook up that “proof” on demand to support any claim.

My ultimate goal is to create a sustainable income online that’s enough to take care of all my needs and let me put a decent sum aside for savings at the same time. This blog is where I’ll be sharing what I’ve learned and figured out along the way.

It’s also a place where I’ll be prone to posting completely off topic things once in a while, both to inject a bit of fun and just to see if anybody notices.

Update 3/12/10::

Astute readers will also note that I am writing less and less about Adsense, Internet Marketing, and making money online in general.

The reason for this is because, as a Christian who believes in honesty, I cannot endorse most of the tactics that I see people using. I also cannot endorse products that are nothing more than bait to get the buyer to spend even more money on more “bait” as well as harvest their email addresses to build a list.

I believe that there is a righteous way to do business and succeed WITHOUT having to be deceptive or sell crap products that people don’t need. This goes especially for *MOST* ebooks about Internet Marketing, Adsense, PPC, CPA, and so on.

In the meantime, I hope you’ll enjoy the growing collection of vignettes about the adventures of a normal guy living in the fictional city of “Nutjob Hills”.


From time to time I will publish posts that are entirely or partially fictional in nature. I leave it up to the reader to determine which posts are fictional and which are true.

Update 2/25/11::

From time to time I will include links to products and or services that are affiliate links. This means that if you click on one of those links and buy something I may receive a commission. Other than that commission I am not being paid to insert those affiliate links and I will only be including those that I think are relevant to the content of a particular post and that my readers might be interested in. Whether you click on them or buy them is entirely up to you.

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