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The New Hobby That Wasn’t

I walked into the Nutjob Hills Diner yesterday morning and found several people engaged in an excited sounding discussion. When the waitress came with my coffee (I rarely have to ask for coffee anymore, small towns are great that way) she asked me if I’d heard the news. I hadn’t of course. I never watch […]

E-019- So Much Fail

Methinks I need to re-design what I’m going to do here from scratch. Starting with a much bigger ship and probably a rover.

Wild Chainsaw

I snore. Loudly. Some have said that I sound like a chainsaw running on overdrive about to explode. This is a fact of life. Something that cannot be avoided or in my experience, changed. Personally I’ve learned to deal with this. Frankly, I almost never hear my own snoring and therefore don’t care one way […]

E-018- Welcome To LDO

LDO, Low Duna Orbit. It’s the ultimate vacation spot. Everybody’s going there these days.

E-017- Rescue Arrives At Duna

After a lot of troubles getting the thing launched the rescue ship finally arrives at Duna.