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Changing Course

I am sure that the more astute readers will have noticed that several months ago the percentage of articles on the original main topics of this blog, Adwords, Adsense, Internet Marketing, PPC, and making money online in general, have become less and less frequent. In fact, lately, it’s become much more likely to see a […]

What IS The Definitive Guide To AdWords?

Are you looking for a definitive guide to AdWords? There’s plenty to be found all over the internet and each will tell you they’re the best, most up to date versiont. And while most of them provide useful information that will help you get started using AdWords, Just what is the definitive guide to AdWords? […]

3 Google Adwords How To Tips

Probably one of the most common misconceptions about making money with Google AdWords is the idea that you have to spend lots of money, but that really isn’t true. Yes, it is a little more difficult to make a profit than back in the days when you could spend a few cents per thousand made […]

Can You Still Make Money With AdWords?

Not very long ago it was ridiculously easy to earn money with AdWords. It didn’t take knowing a whole lot about Pay Per Click advertising. You set up ads for pennies, all you needed was to have just a little bit of cash to get started, and then you could just sit back and watch […]

3 Reasons AdSense Is Vital To Content Sites

There’s several reasons why AdSense has become a vital part of any content site. The first of which is because it’s advanced quite a bit in knowing what both publishers and advertisers want with a highly developed system that allows full ad customization. They’ve developed delivering the most appropriate advertising for a given content to […]