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Mastering Marketing Budgets

Managing your marketing budget is a challenge. The simplest answer is to have better everything than your competition. Of course learning those skills can take years and a lot of money for someone new to PPC marketing. Many companies decide to do there PPC internally. Often because somebody suggested that they need to get into […]

The Big Lie About Being Number one

If you ask most marketers and online promoters what their main goal is for Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs) position is, they’ll almost all tell you that they want their sites to be number one for their keywords. Most of these people are wasting time and effort chasing after that number one spot that could be better used elsewhere.

A Great Quality Score For Your Landing Page

Google’s landing page quality score exists to penalize those advertisers who don not create useful landing pages. It does this by giving lowering the ranking in Google’s quality ranking. This increases the cost of their minimum Cost Per Click (CPC).

Those of us already working to produce quality web sites and landing pages, that higher quality score leads to better ad rankings and a lower CPC.

Use AdwordsDigger And You Will Make More Money With Less Work

Regular readers will know that I’m not given to jumping on every IM bandwagon that comes along (God knows there’s enough of them!). However once in a while something comes along that I just have to tell people to get. AdwordsDigger is one of those things. It’s from the same people that brought you Keyword Corral and like that great utility, AdwordsDigger is totally free. It’ll also make a big difference in your PPC campaigns. So get AdwordsDigger NOW. You’ll be glad you did.