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Stumble No More

I talked a while back about how traffic from the widely popular stumbleupon service is really not worth chasing after because the overwhelming majority of it stays on the page for less than five seconds before clicking away. I came to the conclusion that traffic like that I don’t need or want. It screws up […]

Page Rank Is DEAD

That’s right. Google Page Rank, once one of the most sought after rankings in SEO, is effectively dead. Oh I’m not saying that Google doesn’t still generate and even use page rank as part of it’s algorithm that determines how web sites rank in their search engine results pages. I’m simply saying that it is […]

Why StumbleUpon Is A Waste Of Time

I’ve mentioned Stumbleupon before on this blog several times. From Stumble Your Way To Traffic in which I talked about it as a source of traffic to another post I wrote after over six months of using Stumbleupon, There’s traffic And Then There’s Traffic in which I briefly mentioned the high bounce rate of Stumbleupon […]

Youtube Channel Promotion For Free

Yes, that’s right, you can get some free promotion for your youtube channel. All it will take is you taking some time to make a brief video telling people about yourself, your channel, and the videos you make. The way it works is you go to HamBroadcasts channel on youtube and send him a private […]

The Voyeur Factor

In an effort to increase the number of people that watch my videos as well as the number that are willing to hit the “Like” button on youtube, I have decided to try taking a page from the likes of Shaytards and Phamdamily and try doing longer, more involved Vlogs that cover a lot more […]