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The Shed Ghosts

In a recent post I was wondering about whether or not it would be worthwhile to make some of those fake “ghost sighting” type videos that seem to be so popular on Youtube right now. Well, I still haven’t decided whether or not to do any but I have come up with the beginnings of […]

Faking “Ghost Videos” – Worth Doing Or Not?

Over the last several months I’ve seen a growing trend on youtube in which people are posting more and more videos that make claims like “real ghost caught on video”, “real ufo video”, or “Alien caught on tape!” and so on. Now right off the bat, I am 100% certain that each and every one […]

Another YouTube Angle: Tutorials

In my quest to gain subscribers on my YouTube channel (click that link to subscribe to my Youtube channel) I’ve learned and tried to apply several tactics. Now I’m not operating under any illusions here, I know that YouTube’s partner program is essentially another side of Adsense and that it’ll take a while before it […]

3 Reasons Why Viral Marketing Works

Viral. The very word by itself has a seriously negative connotation, it brings to mind images of bilogical disease, unsightly stains on the glass tile in your bathroom and computer malware. Don’t be fooled by this because even though it has those negative connotations in terms of software and the physical world, in terms of […]

Responses To A MaxBlogger Guest Post

Last Saturday a guest poster on MaxBlogger Stories wrote an article called “Unique Way To Drive Traffic”. In this article they listed fifty nine things that they did over the course of a year to generate traffic to their blogs. The first thing I have to say is that I didn’t find anything “Unique” about […]