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Hey Youtube! It’s Urgo!

No, I’m not talking about myself. You know, urgo6667 who manages and sorta leads the Youtube Orbit and who also created the Youtube Statistics tracking site SocialBlade? Well, he’s trying to get your attention about something that seriously needs to be addressed. That’s the subject of captchas. You see, we youtubers, especially those of us […]

Queen Emily Final

Queen Emily started out as a mom that set her dreams aside to take care of her family. Now she’s proving that she has every bit of what it takes to be a headliner as she lives her dream in this competition. I know I’ve said this about everybody in the top five (and I […]

Just What We DON’T Need, ‘Captcha’ Tech Improvements

I just read a Slashdot Item about the next generation in ‘Capcha’ technology. These bright young researchers have come up with a two step captcha system that in the first step, shows you a graphic with several overlapping images and asks you to figure out the geometric center of one and click on it. The […]