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Avast! Becoming A Digital Turd

As some may know, I recently was finally able to set up a new desktop gaming machine. Something that I have been seriously needing for quite a while. It’s allowed me to drastically improve the quality of my videos, especially my Minecraft gameplay videos. Of course, with setting up a new machine there is an […]

No, I Don’t Want to ‘Settle’

I’ve been wanting for some time now to build a new desktop gaming machine so that, among other things, my Minecraft videos will be higher quality and the game itself will perform better in general. The problem is that I don’t want to settle for less than the best I can get for all of […]

Thanks For The Memories

Not long ago I got a new memory card.. You know, one of those postage stamp sized flash memory cards that are used in more and more things these days. This one was for my camcorder. It’s a 16 gigabyte card, which makes it possible for me to record up to something like four and […]

So What DO I Want, Really.

Once again it’s that time of year. One of the two times a year that I’m most likely to work on refreshing my wish list, bringing it up to date. Since one of these occasions is Christmas you can probably guess that the other is my birthday which happens to be at the end of […]

Problem Identified

Yesterday I wrote about a problem that I have been having with my computer over the last few days. Well, after a lot of BS and posting all over the place trying to find out if anybody else has ever heard of this kind of thing I finally got around to booting the computer with […]