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I Found One Way

. . . To curb appetite. The problem is that while it does seem to work as one of the best appetite suppressants I’ve ever seen, it’s not something that I would recommend. What is it you ask? Being almost sick with worry that the computer I use for so many things, especially things that […]

Misleading First Impression

A local software company just hired a new IT security guy. The reason that this is worthy of any mention at all is because of how much explaining to their customers that they’re having to do because of the guy’s appearance. You see, he’s a long way from the three piece suit type. In fact, […]

Which Is It?

Recently some folks I know got matching computers for Christmas. This brings to mind a question about terminology that, for some reason, has escaped me for years. You see when I look at those computers they look like laptops to me. The confusion comes when I see that, technically speaking, they’re toshiba netbooks. I have […]

The Case of The Fading OEM Code

I had occasion recently to move my laptop and while I was doing so I noticed something. You know that sticker on the bottom that, among other things has the OEM code from Microsoft that you need to use in the event you should have to reinstall the operating system? Well it’s fading. It has […]

School Sure Has Changed

It’s amazing how much school has changed in the thirty years or so since I graduated. For example, back then it was kind of a big deal just to be permitted to drive to school in your last two years of high school. Now most kids, whether they drive or not (and usually long before […]