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A Really Bad Diet

I know that there’s a lot of people that have really poor diets but I saw something on Twitter today that just about tops it all. The quote was: “Pet food recalled after 14 people get sick” Y’know, I’ve heard stories about people so desperate that the only thing they can afford to eat is […]

Ruination of A Perfectly Good Fantasy

I hate being sick. That may sound like an obvious statement but I hate it not just for how it leaves me feeling but for how it has ruined something great. You see recently I was in the midst of a really great fantasy. I was stretched out trying desperately to get some much needed […]

Fun With Portals

One of the things I’m looking forward to in the new TFC Modcraft video series is playing with the Portal Gun mod. Using portals in fun and creative ways has a lot of potential for fun. Such as placing an orange portal on the underside of one of those really high cliffs that extend out […]

New Minecraft Series Starting

I’ve decided that I am going to start a new Minecraft video series. Now I know that I’ve done this a few times before and in each case there have been reasons that I ended up stopping them after just an episode or two. This case however is, I believe, going to be different. You […]

Another Suggestion

In the time that Bob has been missing there has, in addition to all kinds of oddball (and mostly useless) clues as to where he is and what he is doing, been quite a number of suggestions as to ways that might lead to more clues or even an actual legitimate sighting. Among the more […]