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If Not For NASA

If it wasn’t for NASA and space exploration programs we wouldn’t have satellites. This means GPS, iPhones, DirecTV, Satellite Radio etc. Every day everyone takes for granted the privileges and advantages that we have thanks to NASA and space exploration. They have been largely responsible for the dramatic leaps in technology over the last fifty […]

Great Idea Going Nowhere

Some months ago I ran across something that I honestly thought was a really great idea. The idea was that I could come up with assorted sayings or graphics that would be printed on t-shirts that I could then sell online and make a halfway decent amount of money in the process. That was three […]

Telemarketers Are Evil

They really are. Perhaps not the individuals working the phones, they’re just regular folks doing a job trying to earn a living, however the companies that they work for are indeed evil. A good example is a call that I get anywhere from two to ten times per week. Often several of them a day. […]

Gift Giving Season Is NOT Over!

With the passing of the Christmas holiday season most of us are sitting back surveying the financial damage and taking comfort in the knowledge that the big gift giving season is over for the year. Sadly, this could not be more wrong. I say this because if you’ll take a look at your calendar you […]

Just When You Thought It Was Safe

The Christmas holiday is over, the new year has begun and you’ve finally started to relax from all of the holiday gift giving frenzy and begun to concentrate on paying off the extra bills that come with the season. Then you look at the calendar and to your dismay you realize that it’s not over. […]