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Targeting Your Advertising

It’s sometimes amazing how much most people don’t appear to know when it comes to getting the most out of even the simplest promotional methods. For example, if you were setting up an Adsense campaign for a product whose main selling point is built around it being the best wrinkle cream available, would you even […]

$100 A Day With Adsense

A hundred dollars a day using Adsense. I consider this to be a reasonable goal, enough to take care of not only day to day living expenses but also make short work of eliminating debts. In my pursuit of this goal I’ve done all of the obvious things, starting with adding Adsense units to my […]

Can You Still Make Money With AdWords?

Not very long ago it was ridiculously easy to earn money with AdWords. It didn’t take knowing a whole lot about Pay Per Click advertising. You set up ads for pennies, all you needed was to have just a little bit of cash to get started, and then you could just sit back and watch […]

Mastering Marketing Budgets

Managing your marketing budget is a challenge. The simplest answer is to have better everything than your competition. Of course learning those skills can take years and a lot of money for someone new to PPC marketing. Many companies decide to do there PPC internally. Often because somebody suggested that they need to get into […]

Don’t Waste Your Time

Few things can be quite so frustrating as taking the time to develop that new product only to find out that not only have you wasted your time creating it, you’re also out the cost of your advertising, hosting, and so on.