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Great Idea Going Nowhere

Some months ago I ran across something that I honestly thought was a really great idea. The idea was that I could come up with assorted sayings or graphics that would be printed on t-shirts that I could then sell online and make a halfway decent amount of money in the process. That was three […]

He Put What In The Chili?

Ralph C., whom I recently talked about something of a misadventure that he had with an excessive amount of chili on a trip he took to Texas not long ago, has just told me about something kinda strange his buddy Ed N. is up to. You see, Ed liked the chili as much as Ralph […]

Going Too Far

Once again the holiday season is upon us and once again retailers are doing their absolute best to make the holidays more about advertising, sales, shopping, buying gifts, money, and greed in general than anything else. This year many retailers are moving the start of “Black Friday” up to Midnight from the usual 4AM. Of […]

Adsense Project Update

It’s been quite a while, too long in fact, since the last time I gave any kind of an update on my efforts to earn useful amounts of money from Adsense. I had been making some reasonably decent progress and was reaching payout threshold every three months. It certainly wasn’t a lot of money by […]

Tips For Monetizing Youtube Videos

I just found out that I have been missing out on some potential income from my YouTube channels. You see, I’ve had this routine for a while where I upload a video and then when the upload is complete I use the “edit video” button on the “My Videos” page to edit some settings and […]