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She Just Had To ‘help’

The would be Mrs Helpful (yeah, she’s still around) came by this morning. Apparently this time it was because she’d heard about my financial difficulties and came over specifcally to “help” by offering her version of sage advice. She told me that she had heard me talking with somebody at the Nutjob Hills Diner about […]

Thinking Of Ways To Profit

I’ve been thinking lately of ways to improve the income that I get from my YouTube partnership. Something that a lot of partners end up doing is selling custom t-shirts. What they’ll do is come up with a couple of cool funny t shirts and have a bunch of ’em made up (or work out […]

When Ends Don’t Meet

What do you do when, as much as you try to make ends meet, they don’t? That’s a question that more and more people are having to try to find the answers to these days. In fact, I’ve spent more than a little time trying to solve that puzzle myself lately. You know the saying […]

My Youtube Plan

I think most people have the idea that being a YouTube partner is a kind of fast lane ticket to making lots of money and becoming super popular really fast. Sadly, not only is this not the truth, it couldn’t be farther from it. Granted. Partners DO have the ability to earn money from Adsense […]

Greeed In Business

I’ve seen some examples of corporate greed in my life but I have to say that, without any possible doubt, this has absolutely got to be the worst possible case of it I’ve ever heard of. I’m talking about a story I read on the ABC News website just a few minutes ago. A company […]