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Marketing Strategy Made Easy

Here’s some scary sounding words from so-called “marketing “gurus”: “You need a marketing strategy or your business will go nowhere.” The thing is of course that this sounds like a bigger problem than it really is. Just because you’re not a huge multi-national corporation worth billions doesn’t mean a sound marketing strategy is out of […]

Avast! Becoming A Digital Turd

As some may know, I recently was finally able to set up a new desktop gaming machine. Something that I have been seriously needing for quite a while. It’s allowed me to drastically improve the quality of my videos, especially my Minecraft gameplay videos. Of course, with setting up a new machine there is an […]

Telemarketers Are Evil

They really are. Perhaps not the individuals working the phones, they’re just regular folks doing a job trying to earn a living, however the companies that they work for are indeed evil. A good example is a call that I get anywhere from two to ten times per week. Often several of them a day. […]

He Put What In The Chili?

Ralph C., whom I recently talked about something of a misadventure that he had with an excessive amount of chili on a trip he took to Texas not long ago, has just told me about something kinda strange his buddy Ed N. is up to. You see, Ed liked the chili as much as Ralph […]

Page Rank Is DEAD

That’s right. Google Page Rank, once one of the most sought after rankings in SEO, is effectively dead. Oh I’m not saying that Google doesn’t still generate and even use page rank as part of it’s algorithm that determines how web sites rank in their search engine results pages. I’m simply saying that it is […]