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Going Too Far

Once again the holiday season is upon us and once again retailers are doing their absolute best to make the holidays more about advertising, sales, shopping, buying gifts, money, and greed in general than anything else. This year many retailers are moving the start of “Black Friday” up to Midnight from the usual 4AM. Of […]

Thinking Of Ways To Profit

I’ve been thinking lately of ways to improve the income that I get from my YouTube partnership. Something that a lot of partners end up doing is selling custom t-shirts. What they’ll do is come up with a couple of cool funny t shirts and have a bunch of ’em made up (or work out […]

Which Is It?

Recently some folks I know got matching computers for Christmas. This brings to mind a question about terminology that, for some reason, has escaped me for years. You see when I look at those computers they look like laptops to me. The confusion comes when I see that, technically speaking, they’re toshiba netbooks. I have […]

Aren’t We Just A Tad Early?

I first noticed this trend several years ago. Since then I’ve been casually watching it and it has definitely continued. In fact, I think it’s in danger of going too far. Specifically I am talking about the trend toward the commercial aspect of holidays to start earlier every year. For example right now it’s not […]

Youtube Channel Promotion For Free

Yes, that’s right, you can get some free promotion for your youtube channel. All it will take is you taking some time to make a brief video telling people about yourself, your channel, and the videos you make. The way it works is you go to HamBroadcasts channel on youtube and send him a private […]