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Contestable Thoughts

So here’s the thing. I have, for the last several weeks, been spending a lot of time trying to figure out what I could come up with to use for a prize or prizes in the next contest I hold on my youtube channel. The problem is that while I would absolutely love to give […]

Merchandising Thoughts

Now that I’m a youtube partner, I’m already starting to think ahead, specifically to the point where I can start doing some merchandising. You see, one of the things that many partners do is sell merchandise such as t-shirts, caps & so on that have their channel name and or logo on them. It helps […]

Pushy Salesman Doesn’t THINK Before He Sells

I just caught wind of one of Mr. Pushy’s latest projects. According to several reports (and a few rumors) he has been spending quite a bit of time and effort getting set up to sell iphone insurance here in Nutjob Hills. Obviously of course, that by itself isn’t a problem, anyone that’s spent the considerable […]

Changing Course

I am sure that the more astute readers will have noticed that several months ago the percentage of articles on the original main topics of this blog, Adwords, Adsense, Internet Marketing, PPC, and making money online in general, have become less and less frequent. In fact, lately, it’s become much more likely to see a […]

Memorable Marketing With A Blender

I was surfing around on YouTube and ran into an old favorite, the “Will it Blend?” series. Now I’ll be the first to say that some of the things that they’ve put in the Blendtec blender are not things you’d want to try blending at home, at least not without making out a will and […]