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Wild Chainsaw

I snore. Loudly. Some have said that I sound like a chainsaw running on overdrive about to explode. This is a fact of life. Something that cannot be avoided or in my experience, changed. Personally I’ve learned to deal with this. Frankly, I almost never hear my own snoring and therefore don’t care one way […]

Spring Cleaning In August

What happens when you’re not feeling good? Well there are a lot of things that result from being under the weather. The biggest is simply that things you need to be doing, things that you would normally stay caught up on, get left sitting there undone. The longer you’re down and the worse you feel, […]

Not My Thing

Y’know those all too often infuriating little metal puzzles that often look like somebody twisted some nails and metal rings together? Well apparently somebody who will remain anonymous mainly because I can’t be bothered to try to figure out who it was has the odd idea that I enjoy trying to solve such metal puzzle […]

A Sound Difference

An anonymous person recently commented on how much the audio in my Minecraft videos improved when I switched from using Bandicam to using Fraps to record. They were convinced that I had gotten a new high quality microphone and congratulated me for having done so. I told them that I hadn’t changed microphones but had […]

Spring Cleaning Again

Not only is it “that time of year”, it’s actually well past it. I’m talking of course about the traditional “spring cleaning” that most people do once a year to get rid of junk that has been laying around, clean things up that haven’t been touched in far too long and so on. I started […]