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Ok Rain, Get It Over With Already

There’s rain in the air. I say this not because it is raining now but because I am certain that it’s going to do so soon and I haven’t even looked at a weather forecast in a day or two. I can tell because my left arm, which was broken in ’99, is hurting far […]

Moving? Nope, Not Gonna Happen

It seems that somebody has somehow managed to get the idea into their pointy little head that I am planning to move very soon. Not only that but they seem to be convinced that I’m headed for Kentucky. I’ll admit that a few months ago I was hopeful that I would be able to move […]

Diabetic Testing ‘Fun’

After being off of my medications and not done any diabetic testing for nearly a year , for reasons I don’t need to go into here, I am now going back on them. This is prompted by a recent doctor visit and the results of blood tests he ordered. So he gives me prescriptions for […]

Fireplace Smoke Free Extreme

Remember when nobody really gave a second thought to lighting up in a restaurant after a meal or that smoking in any number of public places was perfectly ok? Obviously of course things have changed considerably since then. Nowadays it’s harder and harder to find places that don’t have a no-smoking policy. In fact most […]

The Control Freak

Ferdinand (yes, that’s really his name) had something of a problem. His wife was pregnant. Of course that wasn’t the problem, it was just the cause of the problem. She’s always been one of those that like to make a great big hairy deal about every little thing. The woman has never been capable of […]