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A strong sign you’re not having a wonderful day

In getting ready to go to the store you put on your shoes, grab your shirt and put it on, then spend twenty minutes looking for your pants. Just about the time you think “well, the sign says I have to be wearing a shirt and shoes so maybe they’ll let me in anyway”, THEN […]

If Not For NASA

If it wasn’t for NASA and space exploration programs we wouldn’t have satellites. This means GPS, iPhones, DirecTV, Satellite Radio etc. Every day everyone takes for granted the privileges and advantages that we have thanks to NASA and space exploration. They have been largely responsible for the dramatic leaps in technology over the last fifty […]

Finger Frustration

There’s times when I hate my fingers. Why would I have such an extreme reaction? Because they hurt. A lot. Constantly. In fact, I’d go so far as to say that my fingers have been in constant pain for at least the last five years or more. I know it’s arthritic in nature even though […]

Chet Is A Turd

I don’t suppose you know this guy but really, he’s a turd. You see he’s one of those people that just loves to lord it over others. This is especially true of his younger sibling. Anything and everything he can do to make him feel inferior or just plain so embarrassed he could crawl under […]

Ruination of A Perfectly Good Fantasy

I hate being sick. That may sound like an obvious statement but I hate it not just for how it leaves me feeling but for how it has ruined something great. You see recently I was in the midst of a really great fantasy. I was stretched out trying desperately to get some much needed […]