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On The Phone In Nutjob Hills

It it possible that Nutjob Hills has hit the “big time”? That’s the rumor going around lately. I first heard this when I stopped in at the Nutjob Hills Diner recently for some much needed morning coffee (it’s the one thing they do exceedingly well. If you’re ever in Nutjob Hills you really need to […]

If Not For NASA

If it wasn’t for NASA and space exploration programs we wouldn’t have satellites. This means GPS, iPhones, DirecTV, Satellite Radio etc. Every day everyone takes for granted the privileges and advantages that we have thanks to NASA and space exploration. They have been largely responsible for the dramatic leaps in technology over the last fifty […]

Great Idea Going Nowhere

Some months ago I ran across something that I honestly thought was a really great idea. The idea was that I could come up with assorted sayings or graphics that would be printed on t-shirts that I could then sell online and make a halfway decent amount of money in the process. That was three […]

A Bright Idea

Mr. Helpful, whom I have not heard from in a couple of months, came by today. Yeah, he’s still trying to convince the would-be Mrs. Helpful that he has no intention of ever getting married to her or anybody else however this visit actually sorta made sense. Apparently he heard about the huge difficulty I’ve […]

Adsense Project Update

It’s been quite a while, too long in fact, since the last time I gave any kind of an update on my efforts to earn useful amounts of money from Adsense. I had been making some reasonably decent progress and was reaching payout threshold every three months. It certainly wasn’t a lot of money by […]