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Tips For Monetizing Youtube Videos

I just found out that I have been missing out on some potential income from my YouTube channels. You see, I’ve had this routine for a while where I upload a video and then when the upload is complete I use the “edit video” button on the “My Videos” page to edit some settings and […]

When Ends Don’t Meet

What do you do when, as much as you try to make ends meet, they don’t? That’s a question that more and more people are having to try to find the answers to these days. In fact, I’ve spent more than a little time trying to solve that puzzle myself lately. You know the saying […]

Greeed In Business

I’ve seen some examples of corporate greed in my life but I have to say that, without any possible doubt, this has absolutely got to be the worst possible case of it I’ve ever heard of. I’m talking about a story I read on the ABC News website just a few minutes ago. A company […]

How NOT To Run A Business

One of, if not THE, most important things to any business regardless of what kind it is or what it sells is the customer. The customer is, in fact, the whole point of the existence of said business. That said, it should be obvious to anyone that how the customer is treated and paying attention […]

It’s That Time Of Year

With the Christmas and New Year holidays comes the time when the old insurance policy comes up for renewal. Ok, it’s not quite just yet but it *IS* time to look up some insurance quotes and see if there is a better rate available somewhere. It’s something I think is a good idea because those […]