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Trek Wars

It seems that the “trek wars” thing is finally seeing a peacemaker. George Takei has made a video in which he is trying to bring the fans of Star Trek and those of Star Wars together to fight the “real” enemy… Twilight. I have to admit that Star Trek and Star Wars are both light […]

A Future Hit

The youtube video “New Halloween Movie Trailer” which is embedded below, is about a movie that doesn’t exist . . . YET. The trailer, created by youtube personality HamEntertainment is about a serial killer out for revenge for having spent ten years in prison. This video was featured in a recent episode of Watching Bad […]

Huh? What?

That’s what you’ll be asking yourself when you’ve finished watching this video. First there’s a movie trailer that you are going to want to see and then I’m talking about a project that Universal is working on that will leave you asking “WTF?!?!?” because of how ridiculous it is. Watch here for the details. You’ll […]

Ranting Again

I know that I talked about this in my last entry but I know that sometimes an idea comes across more clearly when you see it expressed in video format. I seriously believe that the powers that own the movie rights to Star Trek (it was Paramount last I bothered to notice but things change…) […]

I H*A*T*E The JJ Abrams Star Trek

I think the title says it clearly enough. What JJ Abrams did to Star Trek is unforgivable. I know that a lot of people think that it was better than a shot of mega vitamins to get the story moving again but they did something with this story that needs to be fixed. They broke […]