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How To PWN YouTube Videos In 42 Seconds

I’ve seen a lot of ways to download YouTube videos and frankly, most of them are either a royal pain or involve downloading software to do the job, copy & pasting video URL’s to the downloader which may or may not work. I’ve seen programs that work one day suddenly stop working, probably because of […]

Another Cool Video

Since I recently posted a video that I made, I figured that it only makes sense to also post one that my wife made for her entry into the same video contest.

Best Keywords and Video Progress ( or not )

Keyword corral makes it easy to find out the best keywords for any topic you need to write about so that you can rank for terms that people are actually using in search engines.

Fun With Video …

One of the things that’s become a very well used feature in a LOT of successful sites is video. Whether it’s a screen capture video that’s demonstrating something as part of a tutorial or something with live actors or even animation, video is definitely one of the tools that the successful blogger will keep around […]


The movie “Hackers” is one of my all time favorite titles. It features Jonny Lee Miller playing the role of Dade Murphy. Dade is a young hacker using the alias “Zero Cool” who writes a computer virus that crashes 1507 computer systems in one day. His punishment includes being forbidden to use a computer or […]