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The New Hobby That Wasn’t

I walked into the Nutjob Hills Diner yesterday morning and found several people engaged in an excited sounding discussion. When the waitress came with my coffee (I rarely have to ask for coffee anymore, small towns are great that way) she asked me if I’d heard the news. I hadn’t of course. I never watch […]

Odd Fashion

George has a really strange sense of humor. He’s managed to find humor in some of the oddest places you can imagine. Nobody ever really knows what to expect from him. Only that he will think it’s ultra hilarious even if most everybody else is left standing there asking themselves “why does he think this […]

Big Help Irving

Recently (as in for the last six months or more) I’ve been having problems with the external speakers I use on my laptop. I use them because the built in speakers and associated sound system are a complete joke. Even at max volume I can barely hear anything through them. The external speakers I use […]

Bad Geography Makes Dumb Rumor

The thing about rumormongers is that they’re so insistent on getting people to believe their rumors yet at the same time they pay no attention to details that frankly make it very hard for anyone who has graduated elementary school to believe. For example a recent rumor claimed that Bob was taking a trip to […]

Inappropriate Footwork

Some people can be real sticklers for detail. Especially when it comes to more high profile parties and suchlike. People like this are the bane of Harry’s existence. Not only does he constantly run afoul of one or more such people who have very set in stone ideas about how something should be done but […]