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Going Digital

It seems that the rumors were once again false. You see there was a rumor floating around recently that yoga guy was missing. While many including myself hoped that it was true it turns out that he was away in search of specialized software for controlling modern keyboard instruments and synthesizers. Apparently he is planning […]

Big Help Irving

Irving is one of those guys that really means well but rarely ever gets it quite right. For example recently he heard about the problem I’ve been having with overheating because my air conditioner isn’t working. Irving wasted no time in finding some help for this truly disastrous problem. Except of course living in Arkansas […]

Huh? What?

Every once in a while you find out something that just leaves you speechless and all you can say is something like “Huh? What?”. Such is the case in the most recent development concerning whether or not yoga guy is going to move. The rumors have continued to fly about as people share every speculation […]

Conflicting Signs

Recently I mentioned that there is apparently a real possibility that yoga guy could be moving, hopefully to another continent, and that I was cautiously optimistic but not very much so because I’ve a lifetime of reason to distrust rumors. Today I heard a couple of things that only serve to confuse matters more. The […]

Please Let It Be True

Normally I’m one to despise rumors. I’ve long ago had my fill of such garbage and have no tolerance for them. This is mostly because inevitably the rumors in question have little or nothing to do with actual facts. However Today might just possibly be a tad different. I heard a rumor this morning that […]