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Unusual Concertina

I was having coffee at the Nutjob Hills Diner the other day when I heard some people talking about the upcoming “concert” in town center park that yoga guy was putting on later that day. One particularly obscure sounding rumor was that he had acquired a “most unusual concertina” for this show. One of the […]

E-041- Final Prep

Making the final preparations for six interplanetary launches

Personell Problems

Yeah, it seems like yoga guy is having trouble with some of his more recently hired help. Apparently there’s a few of them that seem to have a bit of difficulty in following directions precisely and have, for example, been buying the wrong brand of replacement components. I heard him actually yelling at one of […]

Eccentric Or Just Crazy

When does a person stop being merely a bit eccentric and starts being just plain old fashioned crazy? For example I’d say that Joline is one local Nutjob Hills resident that has clearly crossed the line. it started out that she just had to have a service come in and take care of daily cleaning […]

I Hate Phone Salesmen

You know the kind, they call you at three A.M. and start blathering on about how they’ve got this super fantastic limited time offer that you just have to jump on right now. The problem is that these days they’re often not even human. In actuality most of these calls are made by computers. It […]