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Diabetic Testing ‘Fun’

After being off of my medications and not done any diabetic testing for nearly a year , for reasons I don’t need to go into here, I am now going back on them. This is prompted by a recent doctor visit and the results of blood tests he ordered. So he gives me prescriptions for […]

Fireplace Smoke Free Extreme

Remember when nobody really gave a second thought to lighting up in a restaurant after a meal or that smoking in any number of public places was perfectly ok? Obviously of course things have changed considerably since then. Nowadays it’s harder and harder to find places that don’t have a no-smoking policy. In fact most […]

Avast! Becoming A Digital Turd

As some may know, I recently was finally able to set up a new desktop gaming machine. Something that I have been seriously needing for quite a while. It’s allowed me to drastically improve the quality of my videos, especially my Minecraft gameplay videos. Of course, with setting up a new machine there is an […]

If Not For NASA

If it wasn’t for NASA and space exploration programs we wouldn’t have satellites. This means GPS, iPhones, DirecTV, Satellite Radio etc. Every day everyone takes for granted the privileges and advantages that we have thanks to NASA and space exploration. They have been largely responsible for the dramatic leaps in technology over the last fifty […]

Stumble No More

I talked a while back about how traffic from the widely popular stumbleupon service is really not worth chasing after because the overwhelming majority of it stays on the page for less than five seconds before clicking away. I came to the conclusion that traffic like that I don’t need or want. It screws up […]