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Youtube Fails Again

As I’m sure many have noticed by now, youtube has once again proven that they are more interested in screwing up how the site looks, trying to provide more and more eye candy on the various web pages, than they are in actually fixing things and improving overall site performance. That’s right.. the home page, […]

Going Too Far

Once again the holiday season is upon us and once again retailers are doing their absolute best to make the holidays more about advertising, sales, shopping, buying gifts, money, and greed in general than anything else. This year many retailers are moving the start of “Black Friday” up to Midnight from the usual 4AM. Of […]

An Epic Campaign?

Or will it be an epic fail? I heard some rather disturbing news recently. It seems that Epicman, an egotistical, over the top kinda guy that insists that everything he does is absolutely epic, has been making noises that he’s going to run for president in 2012. While I agree that we need a change, […]

Greeed In Business

I’ve seen some examples of corporate greed in my life but I have to say that, without any possible doubt, this has absolutely got to be the worst possible case of it I’ve ever heard of. I’m talking about a story I read on the ABC News website just a few minutes ago. A company […]

7-Figure Business *Scam*

I got one of *those* emails this morning. You know the kind. I appears in your inbox with the subject line [SHOCKING VIDEO] Watch it now. This one appeared to come from somebody named Frank Dang whom I have never heard of before today. The best guess I can make is that this is one […]