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Aug 4 $250 United States Freeroll Results

This tournament was very similar to the larger 20,000 and 30,000 player tournaments that I’ve been playing in lately except that it was like one of those bigger tournaments had been dosed with Stimerex ES or something because even though the number of players was sharply reduced with only 7,500 players starting, those that were […]

Full Tilt 10K National Poker Week Freeroll Results

This post is a little more like what I’ve been aiming for since it’s about a tournament that happened earlier today. Although I really should have started writing it as soon as the tournament was over. I mean really, if I ever want to win enough to bankroll a mansion with solid gold bathroom faucets […]

PokerStars PPA National Poker Week 10K Freeroll Results

Y’know, one of these days real soon I need to get around to posting about things the same day that they happen. That old saw about old news and all. Anyway, several days ago in the middle of last week I discovered that PokerStars had a 10K Freeroll for National Poker Week and that it […]

Review Of Poker Calculator Pro

I got this because I liked the idea of having an odds calculator to help me learn the odds of given situations and it’s ability to give an assessment of other players styles based on statistics of how they play. I tried out the free evaluation version on both of the sites that I play […]

PPA Petition $3,500 Freeroll #4

Today was the last of four PPA petition $3,500 freerolls at Full Tilt Poker. There was a full 30,000 ppl registered, everybody starting with 2000 chips and the top 5400 places paid. The following is notes I took during the breaks. At first break (1:55pm), game play initially started out cautious, progress going slow but […]