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The Worst Movie Ever

Have I ever mentioned what I think might well be THE worst movie ever created? This would be a colossal waste of production resources and time called “Machine Head”. This “movie” (for lack of a more polite term for what it really is) is about a poorly written and worse acted misunderstood geek type who […]

What Gets You Down?

Depression is more than just something that people like to throw out as an excuse for why they didn’t do this or that or why they can’t handle one thing or another. It’s a very real thing where, to the person experiencing it, their whole entire world is collapsing. It has many root causes and […]

Huh? What?

That’s what you’ll be asking yourself when you’ve finished watching this video. First there’s a movie trailer that you are going to want to see and then I’m talking about a project that Universal is working on that will leave you asking “WTF?!?!?” because of how ridiculous it is. Watch here for the details. You’ll […]

Reviewing Proworks Safety Eyewear

I received a pair of Safety Glasses to review recently and I have to say that they are without doubt, the most comfortable pair of safety glasses that I have ever worn. On several occasions I actually forgot that I was wearing them which is a far cry from every other pair I’ve ever worn. […]

WBV#2 Mostly Music

This is the second episode of “Watching Bad Videos So You Don’t Have To” in which I share the results of culling through innumerable bad videos to find some that are, in my opinion at least, good. The idea is that Youtube gets something over twenty hours of video uploaded every minute and frankly, without […]