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How Duplicate Content Will Kill Your Blog

Recently I heard about some bloggers that have gotten lazy. They decided that instead of putting the time and thought into writing their own original content that they would just look at other blogs, find content that suits their needs and then post that exact same content on their blogs. People tried to warn these […]

Information Please

I think that it’s safe to say that information products are easily some of the best types to sell online. Information products can take the form of an ebook, a program, video, audio (podcasts) and more. Pretty much anything that’s educational, instructional or just plain informational qualifies as an information product. The advantages of selling […]

Five Things People Are Buying

1. Making more money. Especially in today’s economy there is a huge drive to find new ways to earn money. Businesses are closing, layoffs are worse than they’ve been in a long time and job security isn’t nearly what it was a few years ago. 2. Saving money. Again the economy makes this even bigger […]

Hidden Profit In Your Contact Details

Do you even remotely know how many people don’t make a purchase because there are no contact details showing anywhere that they can be easily found? I honestly don’t know if there’s any hard numbers but I’m certain that there are a lot of people who decide not to do business with a website because they can’t find any contact details that they can use in the event they have problems.

A Sales Page Review

I’ve written a lot lately about landing / sales pages and how to make the most of them. What I’m going to do now is take a look at a successful sales page in light of what I’ve been writing about. However what I’m NOT going to do is load up one of the sales pages of some internet marketing guru.