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Scam – ‘HoJo Motor’

I was looking through my email the other day when among the hundreds of spam emails that I get I found several messages with subject lines like “Produce free electricity for your home and appliances only 2 days!” Out of sheer morbid curiosity I looked at one of them before I deleted it. The message […]

Greeed In Business

I’ve seen some examples of corporate greed in my life but I have to say that, without any possible doubt, this has absolutely got to be the worst possible case of it I’ve ever heard of. I’m talking about a story I read on the ABC News website just a few minutes ago. A company […]

7-Figure Business *Scam*

I got one of *those* emails this morning. You know the kind. I appears in your inbox with the subject line [SHOCKING VIDEO] Watch it now. This one appeared to come from somebody named Frank Dang whom I have never heard of before today. The best guess I can make is that this is one […]