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Article Marketing Isn’t What It Used To Be

Only a few short years ago it was true that article marketing was perhaps one of the best ways to get a site not only indexed but guarantee enough inbound links to have a good pagerank as well. What surprises me is that people are still advocating the use of article marketing today. In fact, […]

Page Rank Is DEAD

That’s right. Google Page Rank, once one of the most sought after rankings in SEO, is effectively dead. Oh I’m not saying that Google doesn’t still generate and even use page rank as part of it’s algorithm that determines how web sites rank in their search engine results pages. I’m simply saying that it is […]

A Nofollow Experiment

Tonight I was in the middle of searching something on Google that had to do with links and ran into a post on Jim’s marketing Blog from last June with the title: My dofollow experiment – The results Given that I am, like most bloggers and website owners, always interested in ways to increase the […]

Link Building With Forums

One of the ways that you hear people advising as a means of building links is to start posting in forums and include a link to your site in your signature and, if the forum permits, in your posts whenever possible. Unfortunately, there are some problems with getting links this way. For one thing, there’s […]

Official Word About Google And Keywords Meta Tag

After literally years of debate on the issue, the question of whether or not Google pays any attention to the “keywords” meta tag has finally been answered. On their official blog as well as on Matt Cutts blog. That Google does NOT use the keywords meta tag in determining search results. This means that if […]