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Stumble No More

I talked a while back about how traffic from the widely popular stumbleupon service is really not worth chasing after because the overwhelming majority of it stays on the page for less than five seconds before clicking away. I came to the conclusion that traffic like that I don’t need or want. It screws up […]

Why StumbleUpon Is A Waste Of Time

I’ve mentioned Stumbleupon before on this blog several times. From Stumble Your Way To Traffic in which I talked about it as a source of traffic to another post I wrote after over six months of using Stumbleupon, There’s traffic And Then There’s Traffic in which I briefly mentioned the high bounce rate of Stumbleupon […]

MySpace and your online buisness

MySpace is one of the biggest online communities / social networks in the world. Originally founded to be a platform for bands and musicians to keep in touch with their fans it has quickly become a platform for everybody. A growing trend on MySpace and other social networking sites is that of businesses establishing accounts […]

Internet Home Business, The New American Dream.

Is it possible for anyone to make money online? Yes, absolutely. Will anyone who tries make money online? NO. In fact, most people who try will end up quitting after either making a pittance of an income, sinking time, money and skull sweat into a project only to have it flop and not even make back it’s costs.

Improve Your Blog’s Appearance With Digg This

Those big Digg buttons are all fine and dandy… IF they show some number of diggs. Otherwise they don’t look so good, taking up part of the space for your post with a sign that says “nobody’s dugg this post yet”.