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Why StumbleUpon Is A Waste Of Time

I’ve mentioned Stumbleupon before on this blog several times. From Stumble Your Way To Traffic in which I talked about it as a source of traffic to another post I wrote after over six months of using Stumbleupon, There’s traffic And Then There’s Traffic in which I briefly mentioned the high bounce rate of Stumbleupon […]

Youtube Channel Promotion For Free

Yes, that’s right, you can get some free promotion for your youtube channel. All it will take is you taking some time to make a brief video telling people about yourself, your channel, and the videos you make. The way it works is you go to HamBroadcasts channel on youtube and send him a private […]

$100 A Day With Adsense

A hundred dollars a day using Adsense. I consider this to be a reasonable goal, enough to take care of not only day to day living expenses but also make short work of eliminating debts. In my pursuit of this goal I’ve done all of the obvious things, starting with adding Adsense units to my […]

Using Contests To Advertise And Build Links

Lets face it, people love getting things for free. I think perhaps that we’re somehow hard wired to take advantage of the chance to get something free. Especially when that something is a product worth having. This makes holding a contest on your site more than just a way to attract new visitors and get […]

Article Marketing Basics

Article marketing is a very effective method of widening the presence of any business. By publishing articles via multiple article directories, you can reap benefits ranging from increased web site traffic, lead generation, visibility in the search engines, new customers and reputation. Article marketing has grown from out of Search Engine Optimization (SEO); the practice […]