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Responses To A MaxBlogger Guest Post

Last Saturday a guest poster on MaxBlogger Stories wrote an article called “Unique Way To Drive Traffic”. In this article they listed fifty nine things that they did over the course of a year to generate traffic to their blogs. The first thing I have to say is that I didn’t find anything “Unique” about […]

Getting Listed In The Search Engines

You’ve just finished doing all the work of getting your website ready and online. You’re all set to start taking orders and making sales. The only problem is that nobody knows you’re out there and won’t come to your site because they don’t know it’s there. Obviously you need to get it listed in the […]

$100 A Day With Adsense

A hundred dollars a day using Adsense. I consider this to be a reasonable goal, enough to take care of not only day to day living expenses but also make short work of eliminating debts. In my pursuit of this goal I’ve done all of the obvious things, starting with adding Adsense units to my […]

Second Chances Improve Conversions

I’ve seen some sites that had a rather hard handed way about their checkout. If anything went wrong they assume that somebody’s playing games with bogus credit cards and they shut the transaction down. At least, that’s what I have to assume is happening.

There’s traffic And Then There’s Traffic

What do I mean by that title? Simply that there’s all kinds of sources of web traffic and while some of them can easily produce a greater number of visitors, it’s easily arguable that the best traffic is the visits that come directly from the search engines.