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Aerobraking – Take Two- Flying With TFC

Ok so that first try at the aerobraking maneuver didn’t work out so good. This is my second try. Perhaps this time I’ll make it. Then again, I might just burn up in the process. All aboard!

Aerobraking At Mars – Flying With TFC

So you’re on a flight to Mars and after long months of coasting from Earth you are arriving at Mars. This is when you find out that the pilot has never attempted the aerobraking maneuver that’s supposed to slow your ship down and put it into orbit around the red planet. Heck of a time […]

From ISS to Mars- Flying With TFC

The date is January 1st, 2014. The captain (me) and passengers (youtube subscribers) of the XR2 have been celebrity guests aboard the ISS for nearly two years since arriving from Brighton Beach. The reason for the long delay is because it took that long for Mars to be in a position relative to Earth that […]

Rendezvous & Docking With The ISS – Flying With TFC

In this second part of the trip to Mars I had the task of arranging a rendezvous with the International Space Station and then dock with it so that I could refuel for the long trip to Mars. While I did achieve the goal things got kind of tight near the end as I arrived […]

Brighton Beach To ISS Orbit – Flying With TFC

After having landed the DeltaGlider on the moon at Brighton Beach I decided to do something that was really kind of getting way ahead of myself. A trip to Mars. I say I was getting ahead of myself because that’s a fairly big step for somebody that was barely able to get lined up with […]