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Youtube Fails Again

As I’m sure many have noticed by now, youtube has once again proven that they are more interested in screwing up how the site looks, trying to provide more and more eye candy on the various web pages, than they are in actually fixing things and improving overall site performance. That’s right.. the home page, […]

Page Rank Is DEAD

That’s right. Google Page Rank, once one of the most sought after rankings in SEO, is effectively dead. Oh I’m not saying that Google doesn’t still generate and even use page rank as part of it’s algorithm that determines how web sites rank in their search engine results pages. I’m simply saying that it is […]

A Threat Against Freedom of Speech

The mainstream media is a powerful beast isn’t it? Thanks to them anytime someone mentions an anonymous blogger you automatically get the picture of a loser sitting at a computer in a basement somewhere trying to stir up a big mess. In reality this couldn’t be farther from the truth. The average anonymous blogger is […]

Sales Pitch Overkill

There’s something that I have seen internet marketers doing entirely too much of in their sales pages. It doesn’t matter what they’re selling, whether it’s an ebook, a marketing course, >custom hats, fireplace inserts, or car insurance, most of them seem to have the idea that their sales page needs to be nine miles long. […]

Is It Too Late To Get In On Christmas Season Profits?

I was asked recently if it was too late to get in on the potential Christmas season profits selling online for this year and I’d have to say that the answer depends entirely on what kind of business you’re talking about. While it’s true that according to long standing tradition Christmas shopping doesn’t “officially” start […]