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Sales Pitch Overkill

There’s something that I have seen internet marketers doing entirely too much of in their sales pages. It doesn’t matter what they’re selling, whether it’s an ebook, a marketing course, >custom hats, fireplace inserts, or car insurance, most of them seem to have the idea that their sales page needs to be nine miles long. […]

Mastering Marketing Budgets

Managing your marketing budget is a challenge. The simplest answer is to have better everything than your competition. Of course learning those skills can take years and a lot of money for someone new to PPC marketing. Many companies decide to do there PPC internally. Often because somebody suggested that they need to get into […]

A Great Quality Score For Your Landing Page

Google’s landing page quality score exists to penalize those advertisers who don not create useful landing pages. It does this by giving lowering the ranking in Google’s quality ranking. This increases the cost of their minimum Cost Per Click (CPC).

Those of us already working to produce quality web sites and landing pages, that higher quality score leads to better ad rankings and a lower CPC.

Are You A Global Thinker?

There’s something about doing business online that a lot of people manage to go for years without really being impacted by the fact that the internet is a global thing and that they’re not just able to do business with people in their own city & state. Remember, your customers can literally be from anywhere […]

Increase Conversions By Questioning Experience

It’s almost always a good idea to learn from successful marketers. One good way to gain valuable insight into your site’s appearance and function is to sign up on a forum such as warriorforum.