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Five Things People Are Buying

1. Making more money. Especially in today’s economy there is a huge drive to find new ways to earn money. Businesses are closing, layoffs are worse than they’ve been in a long time and job security isn’t nearly what it was a few years ago. 2. Saving money. Again the economy makes this even bigger […]

Deliver Details And Get More Sales

A really good way to annoy the snot out of your customers is to let them pay for something and then end the transaction without making it absolutely clear how they will be getting their product. When your customer has completed the transaction and paid for their new computer, Jaeger Lecoultre Master watch, stack of blank dvds or whatever, it’s important that you don’t leave them in the dark about how they’re going to get what they just shelled out hard cash for and how long it’s going to take.

Easy Accounts Means Higher Conversions

I read a story once about a guy who wanted to get a new compact flash card. He’d done some looking around and found the one that he wanted at a price he liked. Then, when he went to add it to the shopping cart the site hit him with a four page signup form asking dozens of questions that had nothing to do with his desire to buy a memory card. Somewhere into the second page he decided that this was just too much and not worth the savings. He closed that browser tab and settled for a slightly more expensive unit at another site that didn’t want his life story for a $25 memory card.

Using Video To Beef Up Sales Pages

Everybody knows that video is probably one of the biggest things on the Internet today. With the wide availability of inexpensive camcorders that can produce high quality images it’s now possible for just about anyone to become a producer. More and more sales pages are including video add a little something to their presentation.

Most of them are either in the form of video testimonials or messages from the creator or seller of whatever the site is advertising. When done right, video can add to the confidence level of customers because it has a more personal feel to it than just plain text. It shows that somebody went that extra mile in making that page.

A Great Quality Score For Your Landing Page

Google’s landing page quality score exists to penalize those advertisers who don not create useful landing pages. It does this by giving lowering the ranking in Google’s quality ranking. This increases the cost of their minimum Cost Per Click (CPC).

Those of us already working to produce quality web sites and landing pages, that higher quality score leads to better ad rankings and a lower CPC.