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Reference Codes Matter

The various degrees of anonymity on the internet means different things to different people. People with political, legal and social things to say have often a lot of very good reason to make the most of that anonymity. Internet marketers on the other hand, cannot afford to appear anonymous and unapproachable. One way to beat […]

Second Chances Improve Conversions

I’ve seen some sites that had a rather hard handed way about their checkout. If anything went wrong they assume that somebody’s playing games with bogus credit cards and they shut the transaction down. At least, that’s what I have to assume is happening.

Are You A Global Thinker?

There’s something about doing business online that a lot of people manage to go for years without really being impacted by the fact that the internet is a global thing and that they’re not just able to do business with people in their own city & state. Remember, your customers can literally be from anywhere […]

Increase Conversions By Questioning Experience

It’s almost always a good idea to learn from successful marketers. One good way to gain valuable insight into your site’s appearance and function is to sign up on a forum such as warriorforum.

Costly Mistake Over 75% Of Internet Marketers Make!

It’s amazing how many online stores don’t take the time to let me know how many steps are involved in the payment process. I really appreciate it when a store makes a point of showing me how many steps are involved and somehow highlight the step I’m currently on.