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A Good Vacation

I think I need a vacation. A good long one that takes me away from all of the stresses and various forms of BS that go with normal everyday life. Of course I know that such a vacation is, in reality, either a long long way off in the distant future or it’s just plain […]

The Shed Ghosts

In a recent post I was wondering about whether or not it would be worthwhile to make some of those fake “ghost sighting” type videos that seem to be so popular on Youtube right now. Well, I still haven’t decided whether or not to do any but I have come up with the beginnings of […]

They Called Him “Pizza Face”

They say kids are cruel and you know what? It’s true. The thing is, that cruelty doesn’t just go away as they get older. In fact it doesn’t even gradually go away. In most kids, as they get into their upper teens it seems to concentrate in the ones that are more suited to being […]

Ranting Again

I know that I talked about this in my last entry but I know that sometimes an idea comes across more clearly when you see it expressed in video format. I seriously believe that the powers that own the movie rights to Star Trek (it was Paramount last I bothered to notice but things change…) […]

No, Really, It’s Only For Just Part Of Me

Y’know how there’s many different sides to a person? Well, it occurred to me today that it’d be an interesting (though probably entirely unlikely) way to save money on insurance. Don’t believe me? Think about it. If the parts of your personality that were the most likely to have problems were the only ones that […]