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Smoke Filled Room

Harry was nervous in spit of the fact that he’d been doing this for six months now. “what are you worried about?” he asked himself “you go in, make nice, get the goods and get out. Just like always.” He looked at his watch, he was expected in five minutes and he’d been told that […]

The Control Freak

Ferdinand (yes, that’s really his name) had something of a problem. His wife was pregnant. Of course that wasn’t the problem, it was just the cause of the problem. She’s always been one of those that like to make a great big hairy deal about every little thing. The woman has never been capable of […]

Looking For Inspiration and Finding Humor

Something that all writers have to deal with on occasion is the dreaded lack of inspiration needed to get something written. This can be an especially bad problem when there is a deadline involved because deadlines and those who set them care not a bit about your lack of inspiration, they just want the piece […]