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“Fun” With Sound

As most loyal readers are aware, I make videos that I upload to Youtube. One one channel these are the more common “vlog” type videos, sometimes sketches, Etc. and for those I use my 1080p camcorder (set to 720p most of the time because of how long it takes to process 1080p in the video […]

Youtube Fails Again

As I’m sure many have noticed by now, youtube has once again proven that they are more interested in screwing up how the site looks, trying to provide more and more eye candy on the various web pages, than they are in actually fixing things and improving overall site performance. That’s right.. the home page, […]

Adsense Project Update

It’s been quite a while, too long in fact, since the last time I gave any kind of an update on my efforts to earn useful amounts of money from Adsense. I had been making some reasonably decent progress and was reaching payout threshold every three months. It certainly wasn’t a lot of money by […]

Tips For Monetizing Youtube Videos

I just found out that I have been missing out on some potential income from my YouTube channels. You see, I’ve had this routine for a while where I upload a video and then when the upload is complete I use the “edit video” button on the “My Videos” page to edit some settings and […]

Thinking Of Ways To Profit

I’ve been thinking lately of ways to improve the income that I get from my YouTube partnership. Something that a lot of partners end up doing is selling custom t-shirts. What they’ll do is come up with a couple of cool funny t shirts and have a bunch of ’em made up (or work out […]